Academic Assembly

October 1, 2019 Meeting Agenda (HSEC, MD 105 Lecture Hall, 3:30 to 5:00 p.m.)

  1. Call to order (Alexander Kasiukov)
  2. Approval of May 21, 2019 meeting minutes
  3. Chair's Report (Alexander Kasiukov)
  4. Resolutions from the College-wide Curriculum Committee:
    1. Resolution 2019-09-[01] Approving the AAS Paralegal Studies Program Curriculum Revision Proposal (Janet Simpson) Passed [46-0-4]
    2. Resolution 2019-09-[02] Approving the ART140 Introduction to Digital Photography Course Adoption Proposal (Janet Simpson) Passed [48-1-1]
    3. Resolution 2019-09-[03] Approving the MED111 Medical Terminology Course Adoption Proposal (Janet Simpson) Passed [46-3-2]
    4. Resolution 2019-09-[04] Approving the BIO244 General Microbiology Course Revision Proposal (Janet Simpson) Passed [48-1-2]
    5. Resolution 2019-09-[05] Approving the PHL201 History of Philosophy 1: Ancient and Medieval Course Revision Proposal (Janet Simpson) Passed [50-0-1]
    6. Resolution 2019-09-[06] Approving the PHL202 History of Philosophy 2: Modern Course Revision Proposal (Janet Simpson) Passed [47-1-1]
  5. Elections of governance officers (please see the current edition of the Elections Guide for the description of these positions)
  6. Campus Update (James Keane)
  7. Resolutions from the Working Group on Shared Governance at the College (Marc Fellenz):
    1. Resolution 2019-09-[07] Calling for the Participation of Non-tenure-track Faculty in Faculty Governance (Marc Fellenz, Danielle DiMauro-Brooks) Passed [43-4-2]
    2. Resolution 2019-09-[08] Calling for Additional Faculty Representation in the Search for a New College President (Marc Fellenz) Passed [48-0-0]
  8. W Policy Subcommittee Update (Jill Malik)
  9. Assembly Meetings Room for Spring 2020 - Discussion and Vote Assembly decided [29-16-0] in favor of moving next semester meetings to LRC Lecture Hall
  10. Motion to Adjourn