Academic Assembly

April 27, 2021 Meeting Agenda (3:30 to 5:00 p.m. via Zoom)

  1. Call to order (Alexander Kasiukov)
  2. Approval of March 30, 2021 meeting minutes
  3. Chair's Report (Alexander Kasiukov)
  4. Proclamation Acknowledging the Service of Dr. Lynn Liebert Marx (Alexander Kasiukov) Approved by acclamation
  5. Resolutions from the College-wide Curriculum Committee: (Janet Simpson)
    1. Resolution 2021-02-[17] Approving the A. S. in Criminal Justice Curriculum Revision Proposal Passed [40-1-3]
    2. Resolution 2021-02-[18] Approving the A. S. in Liberal Arts and Sciences: Sciences Curriculum Revision Proposal Passed [42-2-0]
    3. Resolution 2021-02-[19] Approving the BIO 105 Survey of the Human Body Course Adoption Proposal Passed [46-0-0]
    4. Resolution 2021-02-[20] Approving the PHY 112 Technical Physics 1 Course Revision Proposal Passed [45-0-2]
  6. Elections of governance officers (please see the current edition of the Elections Guide for descriptions of these positions)
  7. Resolutions from the Faculty Council of Community Colleges:
    1. Resolution 2021-02-[21] Endorsing the FCCC EC Resolution [E1.2020-2021] on SUNY General Education Framework (Danna Prather Davis) Passed [29-3-9]
    2. Resolution 2021-02-[22] Endorsing the FCCC EC Resolution [E2.2020-2021] on SUNY General Education Framework Timeline (Danna Prather Davis) Passed [30-4-10]
  8. Resolution 2021-02-[23] Calling for Elected Governance Representatives on the Safe Start Task Force (Tat Sang So) Passed [36-5-4]
  9. Amendments to the Assembly Constitution and By-laws
    1. Resolution 2021-02-[24] To Allow Remote Access to Sessions (Executive Committee) Passed [38-4-0]
    2. Resolution 2021-02-[25] To Change the Duties of the Pedagogy Committee Chair (Executive Committee) Passed [36-0-6]
  10. College and Campus Update (Donna Ciampa)
  11. For the Good of the Assembly
  12. Introduction of the new Assembly Chair Tat Sang So (Draft Fall 2021 Governance Calendar)
  13. Resolution 2021-02-[26] Expressing Appreciation for Assembly Chair and Secretary for Leadership during the Pandemic of 2020-2021 (Motion from the floor of the Assembly by Tat Sang So) Approved by acclamation