Academic Assembly

February 25, 2020 Meeting Agenda (Suffolk Federal Credit Union Arena, D-105 Lecture Hall, 3:30 to 5:00 p.m.)

  1. Call to order (Jill Giresi)
  2. Approval of December 10, 2019 meeting minutes
  3. Chair's Report (Jill Giresi and Alexander Kasiukov)
  4. Resolutions from the College-wide Curriculum Committee:
    1. Resolution 2020-02-[01] Approving the HUM111 The Holocaust Course Revision Proposal (Janet Simpson) Passed [38-2-0]
  5. Resolutions from the Grant Campus Curriculum Committee:
    1. Resolution 2020-02-[02] Approving the ANT203 Anthropology of Religion Course Revision Proposal (Maryann Borrello) Passed [36-5-1]
    2. Resolution 2020-02-[03] Approving the A.A.S. in Health Information Technology and Medical Records Program Curriculum Revision Proposal (Janine Muccio and Diane Fabian) Passed [38-1-1]
    3. Resolution 2020-02-[04] Approving the A.S. in Performing Arts New Curriculum Development Proposal (Virginia Horan and Jason Ramírez) Passed [36-4-0]
  6. Resolutions from the Working Group on Shared Governance at the College:
    1. Resolution 2020-02-[05] Calling for Ethical Criteria for the Selection of a New College President (Marc Fellenz) Passed [32-7-2]
    2. Resolution 2020-02-[06] Calling for the Election of a College Governance Leader (Tat Sang So) Passed [34-6-3]
  7. Campus Update (Irene Rios)
  8. Strategic Plan Update (Jeffrey Pedersen)
  9. Faculty Council of Community Colleges Update (Danna Prather Davis)
  10. Take Back the Night Event Announcement (Students)
  11. For the Good of the Assembly
  12. Motion to Adjourn