Academic Assembly

December 10, 2019 Meeting Agenda (HSEC, MD 105 Lecture Hall, 3:30 to 5:00 p.m.)

  1. Call to order (Alexander Kasiukov)
  2. Approval of November 12, 2019 meeting minutes
  3. Chair's Report (Alexander Kasiukov)
  4. Resolutions from the Executive Committee:
    1. Resolution 2019-09-[18] Censuring the Interim College President (Alexander Kasiukov) Passed [44-9-12]
  5. Resolutions from the College-wide Academic Standards Committee:
    1. Resolution 2019-09-[19] Approving the Proposal to Extend the Withdrawal Period to Two-Thirds of the Term (Jill Malik) Passed [50-2-2]
    2. Resolution 2019-09-[20] Approving the Proposal to Remove W from Final Grade Drop Down Menu (Jill Malik) Passed [38-10-1]
    3. Resolution 2019-09-[21] Approving the Post-Withdrawal Deadline Appeal Policy (Jill Malik) Failed [12-35-0]
  6. Resolutions from the College-wide Curriculum Committee:
    1. Resolution 2019-09-[22] Approving the ENG206 The Short Story Course Revision Proposal (Janet Simpson) Passed [44-1-0]
  7. Resolutions from the Grant Campus Curriculum Committee:
    1. Resolution 2019-09-[23] Approving the A.A.S. Chemical Dependency Counseling Program Curriculum Revision Proposal (Kathleen Ayers-Lanzillotta) Passed [41-3-1]
    2. Resolution 2019-09-[24] Approving the COL100 College Seminar (themed) New Course Proposal (Virginia Horan, Dawn Tracy-Hanley, Janet Simpson) Passed [39-2-0]
  8. Resolutions from the SUNY Faculty Council of Community Colleges:
    1. Resolution 2019-09-[25] Endorsing the FCCC Resolution on Gender Inclusivity within SUNY (Danna Prather Davis, Alexander Kasiukov) Passed [35-5-1]
    2. Resolution 2019-09-[26] Endorsing the FCCC Resolution in Support of Child Care Funding (Danna Prather Davis, Alexander Kasiukov) Passed [39-0-0]
    3. Resolution 2019-09-[27] Endorsing the FCCC Resolution Supporting New Funding Model for the Community Colleges (Danna Prather Davis, Alexander Kasiukov) Passed [39-0-0]
  9. For the Good of the Assembly
  10. Motion to Adjourn