Policy on the Use of Calculators
in Developmental Mathematics Courses

Students enrolled in MAT001 or MAT001L may not use a calculator on examinations on chapters where the emphasis is computational. The topics that are judged to be computational are:

Students may request to use a multiplication table or addition table on the above topics.

If a student has been approved by the Office of Disability Services to use a calculator due to the nature of his or her disability, the faculty must allow the student to use one on those chapters where the emphasis is more conceptual than computational. The topics that are judged to be more conceptual are:

Students are encouraged to speak with the instructors as soon as possible to ask which chapters from the textbook and which tests during the semester will not allow calculators.

The student may use the calculator on the final exam only for those problems testing ratio, proportion, percent, and geometry. The departmental final is divided into two parts: Part I, no calculator; Part II, calculator.

Students who have been approved for a calculator as an accommodation may use a calculator on all topics in MAT006 and MAT007. For MAT009, calculators are required for all students.

Updated October 2016