Academic Assembly

October 2, 2018 Meeting Agenda

  1. Call to order (Alexander Kasiukov)
  2. Approval of May 8, 2018 meeting minutes
  3. Chair's Report (Alexander Kasiukov)
  4. Elections of the Assembly Representative on the Institutional Review Board Jason Cascone elected for 2018-2020 term
  5. Resolutions from the Grant Campus Curriculum Committee:
    1. Resolution 2018-09-[01] Approving the ENG011 - Enhanced Writing Skills New Course Proposal (Karen Dovell, Joseph Gatti) Passed [49-2-2]
    2. Resolution 2018-09-[02] Approving the ENG100 - Enhanced Freshman Composition New Course Proposal (Karen Dovell, Joseph Gatti) Passed [51-2-1]
  6. Resolutions from the College-wide Curriculum Committee (pending the Committee's approval on Thursday, September 27, 2018):
    1. Resolution 2018-09-[03] Approving the BIO130 - Anatomy and Physiology I Course Revision Proposal (Janet Simpson, Hope Sasway) Passed [49-2-3]
    2. Resolution 2018-09-[04] Approving the A.A. Communication Studies Curriculum Revision Proposal (Janet Simpson, Virginia Horan) Passed [51-1-2]
  7. Update on the Next Strategic Plan Development (Kaliah Greene)
  8. Campus Update (James Keane)
  9. Hardship Fund (Gregory Ryan)
  10. Holistic Professor Program (Gregory Ryan)
  11. For the Good of the Assembly
  12. Tri-Campus Task Force Update (Ginny Horan); see the latest draft of the Constitution of the Governance Coordinating Body
  13. Motion to Adjourn